It’s natural and innate to humans to be guided by the stars. When the ancients looked up at the sky they felt something that we may consider extraordinary today. They assigned the images of creatures and characters to each of the eighty-eight constellations to indicate the archetypes that they observed them to represent.

The path that the sun appears to follow through the year is called the ecliptic. The zodiac is the area of the sky stretching to the north and south of this path, through which the sun, moon and planets appear to travel. There are thirteen constellations within this zodiac, all of their different sizes, taking up different amounts of space, and different numbers of degrees, in the zodiac. These constellations can be named with the Latin names we are familiar with in astrology i.e Aries, Taurus and so forth. They are also known by their names in modern languages, The Ram, the Bull and so on. The constellation Ophiuchus, the Snaketamer is a large constellation but occupies a relatively small number of degrees on the ecliptic and is generally overlooked, leaving twelve signs of the zodiac. The living zodiac and real sky astrology include this constellation.

The sky is alive and changes over time. The apparent position of the sun in the constellations at the time of the spring and autumn equinoxes (and other times of year) as seen from Earth changes over the years according to a 25,920 year cycle. This is called the precession of the equinoxes. So although the sun is said to be in Aries at the time of spring equinox, nowadays it actually appears in the real sky constellation of Pisces or The Fishes at that time of the year.

When you were born the sun, moon and planets each appeared in one of the thirteen constellations as seen from Earth. In most forms of astrology today, these points are plotted against a map of the twelve theoretical equally sized signs of the zodiac that are not in the same place as the constellations.   In real sky astrology, we plot these positions against the thirteen real constellations where they actually were at your birth. These thirteen constellations are composed of living stars, whilst the twelve signs of the zodiac are twelve equal divisions of a circle in the sky which approximate to and overlap with the constellations.

As in most schools of astrology, we also plot the position of the eastern horizon (the ascendant), the highest point of the ecliptic (mid-heaven) and the moon’s modes. Two additional points are the apogee and perigee which relate to the Moon’s path around the Earth. Part of a real sky astrological consultation is to explain these points in more detail and what they mean. We also note correspondences to prominent and significant stars in the sky.

The positions of the sun, moon, planets and other key points relative to the horizon is also noted. These show the areas of your life where the various archetypes particularly come into play. We look at the relationships between the planetary positions poitung to how the various archetypes interplay in your life and psyche.

Another factor that can be brought in is to show you how the enactment of your potential varies in different places on the Earth. In astrology, this is commonly called astrocartography but in the case, it is using the data from the real constellations. When you travel or connect with a different part of the world, then different influences and different aspects of your life become activated or emphasised. Knowing where these places are can help you use this phenomenon intelligently to enhance your life.

We also look at where the planets are now and how they interact with the positions at your birth. This shows trends in your life and gives you guidance about how to work with them. It gives a sense of timescales and the meaning behind events that are happening so that you can work with them to maximum advantage.

A connection with another person can have a similar effect. It can be fascinating to see the deeper meaning of connection with the various people in your life and how they bring out different sides of you.

Real sky astrology with the living zodiac is designed to inspire you and bring your mind alive with images, stories, archetypal and mythological material, to expand your view of your life rather than define you with concepts. The constellational archetypes come alive in your imagination. This process helps you develop the totality of your psyche, to decode the gifts of your destiny and discover genius that you came to express. It helps you decode what mythological motives inspire your life and consciously recognise cosmological influences that can bring you to your full potential. This will give you a deep understanding of transpersonal aspects of your existence that you cannot get from any other method or tool. It works like a poetic, mythological language that reveals the endowment that you came into this life with.

Real star astrology is the astrology of the ancients reworked for modern times.


The positions of the Sun. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the Moon’s Nodes, Apogee and Perigee, Ascendant and Mid-heaven and other significant points at the time of your birth are plotted on an A3 chart depicting the constellations they travel through. If you know your time of birth that’s great but it doesn’t if you don’t.  Nearly all of the points can be plotted based on the day you were born.

The mythological themes and archetypes relating to these placements are then detailed and the strands woven together in a full report.


A consultation gives the opportunity for life coaching based on the discoveries in the horoscope. Further details such as the astrocartographical influences and current trends are also discussed. I encourage you to follow the night sky so you form a living connection with the starry constellations. I can advise you on the tools to do this.

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