Living nutrition concerns living in a way our species was designed to do yet taking into account the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in these times. Even in the context of these challenges, with a little ingenuity, we can craft a way of life that nourishes and sustains us.

I have been interested in natural health since my childhood and have been teaching natural nutrition and delicious healthy recipe preparation for two decades. In that time I have watched health awareness grow and become more sophisticated. I help people go that extra mile into their well-being, helping them to achieve more in their work and studies, to heal more easily, deal with anxiety and stress and generally feel better, in a consistent way. 

In terms of nutrition, each person is on an individual path within the scope of our species’ requirements. I offer bespoke guidance with emphasis on the particular needs our neural system has to operate at optimal potential. Our neural system can be seen as our most crucial asset. In a nutshell, I emphasise a high percentage of raw fruit vegetables, seeds and oils, also judicial use of herbs plus nutrient-rich foods and supplements to cover our requirements in a situation where the soil is generally depleted. I cite EMF protection and Earth connection as a high priority. As your neural system is electrical, optimising the electrical environment where you live and work is paramount.

Please email me at to discuss a consultation. You can also book here.


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