Newsletter 2nd May 2018

This newsletter is to share with you some recent thoughts and also give you the option to be on a special mailing list to receive more material than I generally send out to this list.

Before I get stuck into the topics I have on my mind here’s the plan I have.

New Mailing List

Over the coming weeks, I will expand more on the topics I talk about here. I will continue to send newsletters to this list. However, if you would like to receive more, including practical ideas, updates and offers please email me at, so that I have your name and email address. There are some things I would prefer to share only with people who have introduced themselves and declared themselves interested in these matters! Feel free to tell me any questions you have or particular topics of interest.

Gaian Paradisians

For a few years now, I have alluded to the concept of Gaian Paradisian. Sometimes people would ask me what a Gaian Paradisian is, and I would struggle to find the words. So, what is a Gaian Paradisian?

To me, this is a sense of what a human could be and how humans could be living. There are so many ways to describe it. One way would be to say that Gaian Paradisians are humans that are aligning their imagination and intent with the abundance, beauty, and intelligence of the Earth and the natural world. They live in a sense of wonder and awe as life unfolds and they play their part in it.

What other options are there in life? One, of course, would be to shut much of this out or put it in firm second place and focus on other goals. Another option, the reality for most of us is that we live in two worlds, one in the beauty of nature and the other in the survival mode of the world that has been constructed aside from it.

There are many strategies that will nourish our connection with the natural world. Natural nutrition, entheogens, Earthing and the way we focus our minds are some of them.

Raw Food Connects us to The Earth

I found raw food through a search for that mysterious something else. Something that I knew was there but couldn’t quite define. The concept of the Gaian Paradise I feel is the nearest I have come to words for it in my own mind. We have the opportunity to live immersed in wondrous awareness of nature and through that to the source beyond from where it comes.

When I switched to eating predominantly raw food about two decades ago, the difference in the way I experienced life was so profoundly different and preferable that I became obsessed with finding out why this was. I had some very specific questions. One, how can a raw diet change the way one feels so much? Two, how can we increase this effect? Three, how can we sustain this diet from a nutritional point of view? When at last I found the work of Tony Wright, author of Return to the Brain of Eden I had answers that made sense to me.

Much of Tony Wright’s writing so far has been focused on the split brain and cerebral (left hemisphere) dominance. This concerns what has happened to the left hemisphere of the brain since we, as a species, moved away from our natural biological habitat of non-seasonal tropical forest where our ideal brain foods were available continually without interruption all year. One of the interesting points that comes out of this work is that we all have latent abilities available through the right hemisphere when the dominance of the altered left hemisphere can be lifted.

Moving toward our natural diet is a foundational part of the remedy of this condition we now display. An interesting detail is that our natural diet has a bigger impact on the right hemisphere than the left hemisphere as the right hemisphere has more functional capacity in general.

So, you could say that natural diet can boost right hemisphere activity but if our brains were built according to their original design spec from the DNA blueprint then natural diet would boost the whole brain.

In my book Food for Consciousness, I go through the mechanisms by which this happens.

In summary, switching to well-chosen raw foods clears away sludge, provides undamaged nutrients, boosts neurotransmitter activity, provides ideal brain fuel and fills our bodies with the living structure that facilitates connection to natural intelligence.

Expanded Mind

Something I found was that although I was studying and writing about food a tremendous amount ironically, in my everyday life, meals became less significant compared to the wider living world.

Which brings me on to something else which I would like to talk about and that is the implications of boosting the brain.

Making changes such as eating a nutrient-dense raw food diet, calming the left hemisphere and boosting the right hemisphere can noticeably change the sense of self; they can make you feel like a different kind of person. When I initially came across the material I now work with I used to think in terms of expanding our own minds through boosting our neural capacity. Then the obvious dawned on me. By improving our neural connections and immersing ourselves in the natural world we connect to the mind of nature, the intelligence of the Earth. We not so much expand our OWN minds but link into a larger mind. We begin to lose the troubled sense of self in the wonder of the web of life. The sense of self that is connected to the intelligence of the Earth and beyond starts to be felt. It’s a self with access to deeply experienced knowledge but without a sense of grandiosity of thinking it is YOUR knowledge. Rather it is the knowledge that guides you and holds you but it does not belong to you. This is the beauty of this practice.

It’s not so much about expanding our own minds, more about connecting to the expanded mind of nature.

Electrical connection with the Earth

The Earth is electrically charged and we as humans are designed to be electrically connected to it. Barefooting and the use of earthing devices allow us to be charged up yet again. As our neural systems are electrical this restores more natural thinking and impulses. It helps us connect our imagination and intent to the greater forces that nourish us.

There is so much more to say. Topics such as symbiotic connection with trees, the language of the stars and so forth. The Gaian Paradise is a rich experience.

Again, please let me know if you would like to be on the list for extra mailings and also let me know if you have any particular topics you would like expanding on.

For now, very best wishes.


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