Do you ever pause to consider how your thoughts and the images in your mind are making you feel?

Over time, humans have become increasingly left-brain dominated. This phenomenon is known in science as cerebral dominance. This means we have a tendency to stay withing acquired belief patterns and thought processes long after they have ceased to work for us. By shifting state we can change these thought processes and begin to present our minds with images and stories of what we truly would like in our lives. Our psyches come alive again!

This is where hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are so helpful. They are solution based therapies which help us make the best use of our minds, rekindle our imaginations, and live the life that’s right for us. Specific issues, as well as the bigger picture, are addressed by these techniques. No problem is too big or too small to be approached positively!

Please call me on 0117 230 7666 or email me at to discuss a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and see how I can help. I also combine these therapies with nutritional coaching if this suits your needs and preferences.


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