My name is Holly Paige. I am the author of the book Food for Consciousness (with more titles on the way!) I am passionate about our potential as humans to get into the states we would truly like to be in, living in an earthly paradise, in a paradisical state of mind. With this inspiration, I teach ultimate natural nutrition and lifestyle in a very practical way. Classes, courses, consultations, articles, talks, and books You can see some of these on my other websites edenicstates.com and foodforconsciousness.co.uk. To get in contact please see the contact page. This is an ongoing living research project and I invite you to join in!

What On Earth’s Going on On?


Moving out of our natural biological habitat, back in prehistory, changed the way our DNA is read. One thing led to another and, over generations, this gave rise to the human condition we experience today. Reengaging with our natural biological lifestyle, we can heal, ultimately reach new peaks of potential and live day by day feeling the beneficial effects of the life force in our lives.

Getting back on track of our true peak potential:

Research in the fields of anthropology, plant biology, mythology and human experience, and on the brain itself, suggests that we could be living in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness to the one we have considered normal. Ultimately we have the potential as humans to ongoingly experience a sense of well-being now usually associated with peak states – ‘in a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy’It is possible, even in these challenging times, for us to shift into an energetic state of mind and body where we can experience true happiness on a day to day level.

The way we eat and our hormonal balance have a huge impact on how we feel, experience life and behave. Through regenerative nutrition, we can all significantly, swiftly and sustainably improve our brain and body chemistry, enhance our energy, effectiveness, mental acuity, intuition, creative powers, harmonious connection, joy, happiness and sheer pleasure of existence and attain substantially more success in our chosen paths. Through living the way we are designed to live, we can rediscover a sense of self in which we feel profoundly connected to the source of our lives.

Natural regenerative nutrition replenishes the body and neural system including of course the brain, connecting us to the natural intelligence of the life force, beyond normal human understanding. Reclaiming our thought processes and imaginations, connecting with nature and the source of our lives, we find our own character and destiny within the context of the bigger story.This feeling of living  is very different and profoundly preferable to the conditioned sense of self we may have previously known.

This is self-realisation, uncovering our true humanity and sense of identity, in harmony with the rest of nature.

In this website, I share ideas and information in these subject fields. I am continually learning and experiencing new things myself. There is always something new to say and new to learn. This is the extraordinary experience of discovering the expanded sense of self. Over time I intend to add much more material to this site.

Human Research Project:
I found the nugget of knowledge I was looking for nearly two decades ago when I came across the research of Tony Wright as outlined in his book Return to the Brain of Eden. Part of the longer term plan is a research project, dedicated to experimenting with and documenting results using high-end regenerative nutrition, techniques for overcoming cerebral dominance and in connection with the Earth. Life is already a research project and every day we are trying new things, continuing with established practices and noting the results. Dedicated land and premises complete with paradisiacal gardens to grow appropriate foods and plants and a growing community will be an to upgrade to this project to expand the research, experimentation, and rejuvenation that is already in progress.

‘My Journey’


Wondering at an early age about the odd nature of human experience I felt that there was something crucial to find out about the human brain.
Years went by and when I became a mother the question came back the forefront of my mind. I wondered how to regain that desirable feeling that many of us innately know we can experience as an ongoing part of life. A quest of sorts began. I began to experiment with my living habits. When eventually I discovered how to eat a nutrient rich predominantly raw diet I was astonished at how this simple life change dramatically affected the way I perceived and functioned. It was like engaging with a different sense of self, one that had been there all along but waiting to be nourished. For sure it was a way of more enjoyable sense of self to live with.

I had three questions. One, what was the link between raw food and this change, what actually was the mechanism? Two, how could I take the effects even further? Three, how could I, or anyone in fact, do this whilst nutritionally sustaining themselves? Soon afterward I was lucky enough to meet Tony Wright, researcher and later the author of “Left in the Dark’ and ‘Return to the Brain of Eden’. His work answered my questions and more. From there on I went from strength to strength, developing a way of eating and living in general that sustained an ongoing sense of connection to life, to nature, to divine intelligence, or whatever term seems best to describe it. Of course, life doesn’t always go the way we think it should, but with this sense of connection, it still has a sweetness to it.

I have John Lash, Gnostic scholar, to thank for the model of the three fold correction. This is a combination of improvements to three strands of our existence that together take us into a new sense of self, one in which we feel profoundly connected to the source of our lives and strengthened and more content day to day. Of course, words can never fully describe these experiences. I would just say that for many of us and maybe for you, it is what you are truly, in your heart, looking for.

Firstly, natural regenerative nutrition replenishes the body and neural system including of course the brain. Eliminating toxic sludge, rebuilding the neural system, refueling and reactivating it, the neural system connects us to the natural intelligence of the life force, beyond normal human understanding.
Secondly, there is reclaiming our minds. Both the images and the thoughts that we nurture and the sources we draw them from.
Thirdly and entirely connected to the other two, our electromagnetic connection to our biological habit, our mother Earth and through this connection to the source of life. We are talking about Earthing/grounding which could be described as receiving a charge or a supply of electrons. As our neural system is electrical of course this sustains healthy thinking and imagination. We are also talking about connecting our imaginations into the bigger story to find our individual character within it. This is distinct from the conditioned self we have previously come to know.
Through this self-realisation, we discover our true humanity and sense of identity, in harmony with the rest of the dreaming and the nature of the Earth.

The practicalities are the subject of this website. I will be adding delicious raw plant-based recipes and material relating to everything I have talked on as time goes on. Meanwhile, you can read a distillation of the knowledge I am drawing from in my book Food for Consciousness,

My Talk at Alternative View 7 in 2016.

My talk at AV7, 2016.


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