Good news! We, as humans, are equipped to live in ecstatically connected states (whilst still experiencing a full range of human emotion), functionally and sustainably, feeling youthful and developing our potential for our entire lives. We can rediscover how to live like this.  Our DNA still retains the information and we have the knowledge to begin.’

Holly Paige

In this website, I explore life from this perspective. Bit by bit I am adding more to this home page and also the blog. There is plenty of practical material lined up as well as more philosophical posts.

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Find out more in my book Food for Consciousness here. Regenerating and fueling your neural system with the natural nutrition you need for optimal functioning. Reclaiming your mind from cultural conditioning and connecting it to the ancient wisdom of the Earth.

I am currently working on a new book which focuses on the natural human nutrition and lifestyle, based on our forest origins.

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In my inaugural post, I talk about the quest to rediscover our imaginative powers and regenerate our neural systems in order to do this.

Here I go through the raw food groups that cover our biological needs as humans. In my Food for Consciousness book, I expand on this and also talk about which cooked foods are helpful to include and which are best avoided.

In Golden Seeds, I find an optimistic and realistic vantage point from which to view the dismal display we sometimes see in the world today.

In the Gaian Paradise Project, I talk about the idea of a Gaian Paradise and what is Food for Consciousness and Edenic States.

Real Star or Celestial Astrology is an incredible tool for aligning yourself with your true passions, purpose, and gifts.

In the Materia Medica Magica I catalogue knowledge and discovery of the many plant friends of humans on this planet, in terms of both food and medicine.

Figs are one of the most fascinating fruits. Here I look into their sacred nutrition and their place in ancient mythology.




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All writings copyright Holly Paige.

Wishing you the very best life has to offer.


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