Living in the Life Force

Hi, I’m Holly and I’m passionate about human potential. My life’s work centres around discovering and sharing lifestyle practices that support a deep sense of well-being and fulfilment. This website outlines what I currently offer.

Nothing is More Powerful than the Life Force

Living in the Life Force is the expression I use to describe an incredible feeling of connection and inspiration that we can experience no matter what other challenges face us. The life force feeds our lives even when worldly circumstances don’t seem to. Yet there are very deliberate actions we can take in order to sustain this connection at every level. It’s the synergistic combination of approaches and consistency that give results.

I am inspired by the knowledge that we humans are equipped to live ongoingly in deeply connected states, whilst enjoying the full gamut of human experience. Ultimately we have the potential as humans to ongoingly experience a sense of well-being now usually associated with peak states – ‘in a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy’. We have the capacity to feel youthful whilst continually developing our potential for our entire lives. We can rediscover how to live like this.  Our DNA still retains the information and we have the knowledge to begin.

Research in the fields of anthropology, plant biology, epigenetics, mythology and human experience, and on the brain itself, suggests that we could be living in a very different and profoundly preferable state of awareness to the one we have considered normal. Even now, with adjustments to nutrition, mental processes and lifestyle, you can swiftly, significantly  and sustainably increase your levels of inspiration and creative powers. You can enhance your energy, effectiveness, mental acuity, and  intuition. You can experience greater harmonious connection, joy, happiness and attain substantially more success in your chosen paths and the fulfilment of your dreams.

I provide consultations in natural nutrition and lifestyle, Specialities include nourishing the neural system, supplementation to maintain youthfulness, maintaining ideal weight the natural way, delicious recipes,  good mood food, relief of anxiety and depression, protecting yourself in a toxic world, and effective EMF protection. I can show you how to eat for optimal performance in work and study, how to improve your nutrition to help you heal, how to make delicious healthy recipes that your family will eat and much more. Please ask me if you feel there may be something else I can help with. To book a consultation please click here.

I also hold workshops and classes from time to time, on themes of natural wellbeing. They are bookable at If you would like to kept updated please email me at please feel free to request a private class either individually or for a group.

I also prepare and interpret real sky astrological charts,  which people at all stages are finding to be astonishingly relevant to helping them in their personal growth and on their journey. Real sky astrology is based on where the starry constellations really are in the sky on the day of your birth, rather than the convention of the twelve equal divisions of the zodiac. The emphasis is on bringing out your innate talents, gifts and potential adding your sense of fulfilment and completeness in life.

To find out more about astrological consultations please click here.

In terms of working with mental processes and the subconscious, I am a qualified hypnotherapist and conduct private sessions in the South West of England. These are either standalone or combined with nutritional and other lifestyle recommendations. Please email me at for further details.

My book Food for Consciousness is here. It focuses on regenerating and fuelling your neural system with the natural nutrition you need for optimal functioning, reclaiming your mind from cultural conditioning and connecting it to the ancient wisdom of the Earth.

I am currently working on a new books which which will be available in due course.






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All writings copyright Holly Paige.

Wishing you the very best in life.


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