Research in the fields of anthropology, plant biology, mythology and human experience, and on the brain itself, suggests that we could be living in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness to the one we have considered normal. Ultimately we have the potential as humans to ongoingly experience a sense of well-being now usually associated with peak states – ‘in a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy’ in‘ magical consciousness,’ experiencing the sheer pleasure of existence.”

I wrote this as the introduction to Food for Consciousness over a decade ago now. I don’t even remember how or when I thought of the term Food for Consciousness, it came to me in a drifting state, inspired by the idea of the split hemispheres and our need to regain consciousness over our thoughts. Our neural systems need specific nourishment to do this, hence Food for Consciousness. And there was always the double entendre, We need not only food but also knowledge in order to do this. This is the other side of the scales of Food for Consciousness.

I found the nugget of knowledge I was looking for nearly two decades ago when I came across the research of Tony Wright as outlined in his book Return to the Brain of Eden. The next plan is a research centre, complete with paradisiacal gardens to upgrade the research, experimentation, and rejuvenation that is already in progress.

This ongoing experiment acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants and in particular fruit trees. In order to flourish, we need to nurture that relationship. It is the plants primarily that give us the food and herbs, the nutrition and medicine, that we need to rebuild, refuel and reactivate our neural systems so that we can feel that sense of connection that we innately long for.

Paradise on Earth is more than just a garden of beauty, it is about states of mind that can see and respond to that beauty, that are inspired and ecstatically guided by the divine intelligence within it, moment by moment. This is the way I introduced Edenic States in 2015.

I am not talking about a bland or blank state of mind. It is natural for us to experience a range of emotions. When we allow ourselves to freely experience these feelings we naturally enter a state of enthusiasm. As Earl Nightingale said, “The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek word “entheos” which means the God within. And the happiest, most interesting people are those who have found the secret of maintaining their enthusiasm, that God within.”

It is this enthusiasm that connects us to the divine. It opens the way to a paradisiacal sense of connection. Edenic States are the full range of human emotions and feelings experienced enthusiastically.

Edenic States are also territories. They are areas of land where we discover the supernatural beauty that comes from beyond the physical. They are places where we celebrate that sacred connection, we live in awe and wonder and are guided by that beauty. These are the lands where we manifest and grow with the paradise gardens of our dreams which nourish our neural systems to dream some more.

The minerals in the land, the photosynthesising plants, the moving animals, individual humans guided by the stars, and the stars themselves, these are all our medicines in the Garden of Beauty.


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