Real Star Astrology

by | May 23, 2018

The Pleiades

Real Star Astrology, also known as Real Sky Astrology, Celestial Astrology or Celestics, is an additional perspective to conventional astrology. helping you decode the mythological motives that influence your life. This gives you a deep understanding of transpersonal aspects of your existence that you cannot get from any other method or tool and helps you consciously recognise transpersonal gifts that can bring you to your full potential.

A reading tells you about 16 unique points in the sky. These include the Sun which describes the main theme of your life, the North Node of the moon which describes the area of your life in which you are driven to excel and the Apogee of the Moon which shows you your area of imaginative genius.

Celestial Astrology is read from the real positions of the constellations as they actually appear in the starry sky. An astronomical phenomenon called Precession of the Equinoxes means that the constellations are not linked to the times of the year in the way they were in the past. So, for example, you could be Taurus and yet your birth could appear in the real sky constellation of the Ram. Different information is obtained in this way.

Celestics is a combination of the words Celestial Telestics. Telestics means the study and application of aims, intentions, purposes. By integrating the themes in the chart, a clearer sense of purpose and the way forward becomes possible. The dreaming attention is brought to the forefront of the mind.

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