Kate Magic recorded this interview with me in 2016, shortly after I came back from Mexico.

You can listen here.

Says Kate: ‘Profoundly  insightful interview with Holly Paige of Food for Consciousness on Neuroactive Nutrition and Edenic States. I have known Holly for over a decade, since she was involved in the early stages of the raw food scene in the UK. She has always been a radical thinker, and I believe now, more than ever, her ideas and her way of looking at the world is something we would do well to consider. Holly is passionate about restoring our  our natural state of being, and recovering our sense of vitality and joy. She examines ways to do this through simple techniques such as nutrition, releasing trauma, grounding, goal-setting, and micro-dosing. Holly also talks about menopause as a natural life stage. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from listening to this interview and following Holly’s work.
Holly believes that we, as humans, are equipped to live in ecstatically connected states, functionally and sustainably, feeling youthful and developing our potential for our entire lives. We can rediscover how to live like this. Our DNA still retains the information and we have the knowledge to begin. Through a practical approach of following the natural biological diet of our species, reclaiming our natural imaginations and connecting to the electrical dreaming power of the Earth, we can rediscover our innate enthusiasm and bring the life force back into our lives.’

You can hear the interview here:


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