We are designed to live in symbiotic connection with plants. Although we need other foods too, fruit is, in our original habitat, our natural food. In our original design, we are wired to sense which herbs will benefit us in a given situation.  Humans have lost much of this ability and so compilations of herbs and their properties have become necessary while we find our way back to our natural guiding faculties.

Here I describe this catalogue as a Materia Medica Magica acknowledging the magical aspect of plant medicines. Through the plants we connect not only to nature but the supernatural source from which nature comes. We experience not only physical effects but a reconnection to our feelings, souls, and destinies

Although we may take the plants into our bodies through eating, drinking herbal teas or breathing in the vapours of essential oils, the perspective is of symbiotic relationship with a plant rather than consumption of it..

I include foods as well as herbs, as of course, they carry medicinal knowledge too.

I am adding to this list, piece by piece, over time, so please do check back!

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