I Write for the Future!

In the first blog post in this, my new website, I felt to start with the basic premises that underlie what I am trying to achieve here. And in fact, talk about what I am trying to achieve here!

The Meaning of Life

Firstly what I am trying to achieve? In the logical feelingless part of the mind, sometimes people conclude that there is very little point or meaning to life. That meaning really can only be found through a sense of feeling. You can call it or happiness or a feeling of enjoying life, but as we are designed to experience a range of emotional responses depending on what is going on I think it has to be described in a deeper, more encompassing way. I would describe the feeling we are looking for as one of connection. And specifically a connection to the mysterious source of our lives, whatever words we prefer to describe this by. Of course, it is beyond words, I like to use the word source. I like the terms divine intelligence and life force too and use them regularly. Hopefully, the feelingless conceptual part of the mind can see the logic of pursuing happiness and enjoyment and connecting to the source that our lives come from. And from then take on some methodologies for achieving this. One of our first tasks is to regain our capacity to feel.

The Importance of Feeling

Humans have for sure lost significant mental capacities over the millennia. This is described in mythology and confirmed by science. I refer you to the book ‘Return to the Brain of Eden’ by Tony Wright for the background to this subject area. Loss of feeling is a general way fo describing this loss of sensibilities. One of my aims to distill the research I have found into a coherent comprehensible storyline. An empowering one that we can act within.

The Neural System and the Split Brain

One of the first aspects of the current human situation to grasp is that of the split brain. Groundbreaking research presented in ‘Return to the Brain of Eden’ points overwhelming to the conclusion that the left hemisphere of the human brain has become a less functional version of the right and that there is extraordinary latent potential in the right hemisphere waiting to be liberated from cerebral dominance by the left hemisphere.  You can read more about the evidence for this here. This was not always the case and need not be the case inevitably in the future. The reasons for it are epigenetic, in other words, the situation is caused not by the DNA itself but by the way the DNA is being read at this time.

Millennia back, when humans strayed from their natural biological forest habitat, their diet changed. This change in diet caused a change in body chemistry and this, in turn, changed the way the DNA is transcribed or read. Of course, this affected every aspect of our construction. In particular, the immune system, digestive system and reproductive system and neural system were heavily impacted. I will talk about all of this more in future blog posts. For the purposes of talking about what has happened to the human mind, I want to talk about the neural system here. There are several ways in which the neural system has been affected by our leaving our pristine tropical forest homes. Here I am talking specifically about what has happened to the hemispheres of the brain.

The change in the way the DNA is read affected the two hemispheres of the brain differently and it progressed over many generations. The right hemisphere was not affected as much as the left hemisphere but the left hemisphere lost a significant amount of function including much of the capacity to feel. Although the right hemisphere retains more function, paradoxically the expression of that function is limited by the dominance of the left hemisphere, so-called cerebral dominance.

It is now in the right hemisphere of the brain that we access our imaginations, creativity and true desires. The left hemisphere has become detached from reality and works with concepts and beliefs, In the future, it could be possible for generations to be born with fully developed left hemispheres and the hemispheres working together again. For existing generations, the challenge is to regain access to right hemisphere function and deal with the limitations of the left.








It’s Just Your Imagination!

What I am going to say now his is probably self-evident but needs to be remembered. How you experience life, how happy and satisfied you feel, how motivated we are, your perceptions of the world and so forth are primarily a result of what is going on in your mind, the images you are forming, the sensations you are focused on, the scenarios you are creating. This is the world of your imagination.   It’s easy to let our imaginations be taken over by whatever comes your way. If you are focused on your true, your highest desires then your imagination can become a bridge between where you are now and your highest desire.

The aim is to connect your imagination into the source of your life and the life force from which your true desires come. Then you are in the powerful world of your natural imagination. Your imagination is the bridge between where you are now and your desires. The feeling you are looking for, your dream life is part of a bigger dream infused by divine intelligence which gifts you your true desires. Accessing this world, in our current state, depends upon having access to our right hemispheres.

Of course, the material sensory world around you impacts what is going on in your minds. Your internal neurochemistry too. Nutrition affects the build of the neural system and your ability to connect into the intelligence of nature. It affects your daily neurochemistry.

Three-Part Solution

So what are the tasks at hand to get on track of your ultimate potential?

  1. Connecting to the mind of nature. Connecting to your true sense of purpose and intention. This comes through a connection to the natural world and through that to the supernatural intelligence beyond.
  2. Regenerating the neural system through human species-specific living nutrition, supplementation, and other techniques. This facilitates connection to supernatural intelligence.
  3. Reclaiming your mind from cultural conditioning. Taking responsibility for the images, impressions, desires, thoughts, and beliefs that you give your attention to. Truth is more than facts. It is also about the storyline that will take us to where we want to go.

Supernatural Aid

Forces bigger than us work with us in ways beyond our immediate understanding,

You need to protect yourself, your imaginative world and your body from undesirable and interfering influences. There are multiple methods for doing this. Measures to boost the right hemisphere and loosen the grip of the left hemisphere are included. A secure connection with nature and needs to be established. Beliefs need to be examined.

Going Forward

These principles can be applied to any issue we want to work on. Even survival skills are so much more than factual knowledge. They are deeply enhanced by this sense of connection. Survival skills, come from supernatural intelligence and connection, for humans and other animals.

I will expand on these themes as I create more material for this site.

Holly Paige, Devon, March 2018

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