Hi and welcome to my new blog. Unlike my Food for Consciousness and Edenic States sites this is a site where can share all kinds of things that interest me. They tend to be connected to human potential and discovery anyway! I do have another blog foodforconsciousness.blogspot where I share all kinds of things that I find useful or of interest as a kind of reference. This blog that i am starting here is a bit more  chatty.

Recently I have become fascinated by my ancestry. I knew a little already but I hadn’t made it a priority to look into it in any depth. Then for reasons which weren’t clear to me I suddenly felt I had to find out more. I was surprised at how much more comfortable thsi has made me feel about being my natural. It never occurred to me that so much of this is connected to my ancestry. of course we all have common ancestry and I feel sure that we all share some pristine origins which gives us all an amazing amount in common as humans. Knowing more recent ancestry helps us find our more about our individuality. When my mother passed over in May I felt and still do feel an incredible sense of connection to her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s connected to my desire to find out more about other deceased ancestry, knowing that in some way they are also connected to me and there to share their wisdom and give their support. I feel that my mother has guided me in this search too.

I already had some of the pieces so i entered them into ancestry.com . If you have used the Ancestry website you will know that they then alert you to various records and also the findings of other users whose family trees are connected to yours. It gets quite addictive but also very satisfying.My Welsh father’s side was clear to me. The records in South Wales are quite easy to follow as those people tended to stay around the same villages and towns for many generations. My mother’s side is more complicated as there was more movement. I knew that my great grandmother was Irish. I also knew that we had some ancestral connections to Devon which has been my  family ‘s home for many years. The odd thing is that I grew up far from  herein the Midlands but was drawn back to the Devon area. What I did not realise is that before movement to London in the late nineteenth century for work, most of my grandmother’s father’s family were form old Devon families which can be traced back to the sixteenth century and beyond. The others were from across the border in Cornwall. Most of the places where these ancestors were born, married or died, are places which are already familiar to me.  I have always felt a special connection to the land of Devon and Cornwall, more than to whatever is happening here now and from this research I understand why. I also discovered that part of my maternal grandfather’s family come from Devon too. A larger part of my grandfather’s family were travellers, appearing in the records in a variety of locations.That this is in my ancestry made me feel some sense of pride in my own traveling and history of living in a  variety of places and the ways of viewing life that go with that.  sense that all the Earth is my home and that I don’t need to own any of it,  It made a lot more sense of my family too.

The main thing it has taught me is the reality of the energies of the ancestors in the land and if we are sensitive to this it can be such a nourishing connection. To me the main motivation of natural lifestyle and clean living is to regain these sensitivities which can so enrich our lives.

If I go and do some more exploring of my ancestral locations I may post some pictures here. My plan is to draw up a map of Devon so i can show my children exactly where some of their ancestors lived, near to where they themselves have grown up.

On an astrological note, I then noticed on astrodienst  I have pluto transiting my south node, just the kind of transit one would expect to trigger a compulsion to uncover where on comes from.