When you pay attention to the ancestors they begin to pay attention to you!

Over the last few months, I have become fascinated by my ancestry. I knew a little already but I hadn’t made it a priority to look into it in any depth. Then for reasons which weren’t clear to me, I suddenly felt I had to find out more. Later, checking the astrological side of things on astrodienst  I found that Pluto is transiting my south node. The obsessive transformative, yet temporary, interest in my roots fits this transit.

London Inn, Molland, Exmoor

The desire to know welled up by suddenly and unexpectedly one Sunday afternoon as I was sat by myself studying in the shed in the garden of the house I was living in at that time. It started with curiosity about my hooded eyes which I inherited from my grandmother. I still have not found the answer to the question of where they came from. When I began to explore my family tree I found a big surprise though. That is my long ancestral connection to Devon and Cornwall. I had been drawn to the area by memories of happy holidays with my grandparents who retired to Devon after a lifetime in London, Surrey, and Hampshire. What I didn’t know that although they met in London, both of them had a large number of ancestors from the area. Before movement to London in the late nineteenth century for work, most of my grandmother’s father’s family were from old Devon and East Cornwall families which can be traced back to the sixteenth century and beyond. Most of the places where these ancestors were born, married or died, are places which are already familiar to me.

Molland church

I have always felt a special connection to the land of Devon and Cornwall, more than to whatever is happening here now and from this research, I understand why. I also discovered that part of my maternal grandfather’s family comes from Devon too. A larger part of my grandfather’s family seemed to be itinerants, appearing in the records in a variety of locations.That this is in my ancestry made me feel some sense of pride in my own traveling and history of living in a  variety of places and the ways of viewing life that go with that, a sense that all the Earth is my home. A test with Living DNA confirmed an approximately 30% Devon/Cornwall bloodline. 50% Welsh was no surprise as my father was Welsh. Before the industrial revolution, of course, most families stayed generation after generation in the same group of villages. That makes me likely to be mostly descended from four ancient British tribal groupings, the Silures, the Demetae, The Ordovices and the Damnonii.

This connection with ancestors was already a bigger part of my life than I even knew. It adds a rich dimension. After all, time is the fourth dimension. WIthout a sense of the past and future within the current moment we are living just in 3D. I do believe that the diet and lifestyle practices that increase our sensitivity and ability to feel can improve our chances of feeling this ancestral connection and who knows maybe we can sense the destiny of our descendants too and play our part in that.

Of course, we all have a common ancestry and I feel sure that we all share some pristine origins which give us all the amazing amount we do have in common as humans. Knowing more recent ancestry helps us find out more about our individuality. I feel certain that our ancestors can and do in some way give us guidance and support in our every day lives. It seems that their imprints are in some way on the land and it’s easier to connect with them when we are the places where they were. This is more than an idea. Experience bears it out.

The most significant understanding this whole escapade has given me is the reality of the energies of the ancestors in the land and if we are sensitive to this it can be such a nourishing connection. A compelling benefit of natural lifestyle and holistic living is the chance to regain these sensitivities which can so enrich our lives.


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