We seem to be living in an age of inevitable destruction and degeneration. Despite the best intentions of large groups of people to ‘save the world’ there seems to be some kind of unstoppable force that is taking things in a different direction. One of my favourite authors Robert Lawlor describes it like this, in reference to the efforts that are being made to turn things around “there are forces that seem to just keep that in a sort of dreaming diary; you know I started in the 1960s when we were realizing we should stop cutting down the forests and the thing in South America;  it’s all accelerated from those times the trees are falling in Brazil faster than ever’

In the light of all this, being a  committed optimist I have felt a need to jump to a new place in my imagination. In this place, in the midst of the destruction, we are planting golden seeds and nurturing them ready for the next Golden Age. We are not vainly trying to prevent the degeneration but see it as an inevitable part of the cycle. Yet at this time there are golden deeds to be done.

In Hindu mythology, we have the four ages, each many thousand years long. In the longest age, the Golden Age people lived in reverence of the primal beauty of the earth, in a state of wonder and awe. In the following age the Age of Treta or Age of Ritual, ritual is the bridge between this dream and reality. In the following age, The Age of Dvapara or Age of Doubt, a sense of separateness sets in and with it material attachment. In the shortest age which we are currently in, the Age of Kali the division and separateness become open conflict.

These ages can be correlated to what has happened to the human brain. (I explain the background to this here.) Initially, we had a holistic brain. The right and left hemispheres worked well together and both had capacities that we would consider genius today. As we moved away from out biological forest habitat the left brain began to decline. The right and hemisphere became noticeably different and a split sense of self set in. One sense of self was still in the dream. The other was in a different sense of reality, a fallen one. As the left hemisphere declined further it, paradoxically, became increasingly a force in its own right. There was a stage where influences of the left and right hemispheres were fairly equal giving a sense of voices of the gods on one side and mundane reality on the other. As the left hemisphere decline progressed it became dominant and a  sense of separateness kicked in. as it took over nearly completely, our sense of connection to the dream was kept only through a thread of awareness, this is the thread of awareness that nurtures the golden seeds, while the rest of the world seems like it is going to rack and ruin.

The new Golden Age may be about seven generations away. Who knows, that may be how long it takes to produce the first new generation of holistic brained individuals. Maybe seven generations is what it would take epigenetically to produce humans with an intact neural system. Time for paradisiacal gardens to be planted and to grow to fruition, The new Golden Age glows invitingly in the distance. We will see.

Holly Paige, Devon March 2018.

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