Parents dream of having beautiful babies. Let’s nurture our and their dreams with harmonious, human-friendly electrical fields!

Since as long as humans have been on the planet until comparatively recently we were conceived, born, lived, and died in direct electrical connection with the Earth. Our neural systems are electrical, so in this way, our dreams and imaginations, our desires and our thought processes were wired into the Earth, the physical source of our lives.

People often think of electricity as having been ‘invented’ but although humans have created electrical systems, electricity itself is one of the characteristics of the physical universe we live in. The Earth is electrical and can be described as negatively charged. i.e. electron rich. When we are in direct contact with the Earth it is literally charging us. Without this charging, we can eventually become sick. That’s why re-establishing this connection can seemingly miraculously alleviate so many long-term conditions.

Not only this, but the thoughts we think, the desires we feel, the content of our imaginations and the themes of our dreams are affected by the electrical influences around us. If we are in a natural electrical field they will be different to if we are in a human-made electrical field.

Patterns in nature are based on the golden mean (phi) and the related Fibonacci series. These patterns facilitate communication and growth. In nature, it is much easier for humans to be able to sense what is the best thing to do on a moment by moment basis. It is also easier for us to feel what is going on for each other, especially with our children and others who are genetically related to us. Our dreams and imaginations are naturally connected to each other’s dreams and imaginations and we are all connected to the electrical power of the Earth. We are connected to the Earth not only through our bodies for which the Earth provides food and shelter; we are also connected to the Earth through our minds.

In the 21st century, we are generally electrically insulated from the Earth with floors, shoes with insulating soles, and rubber car types. This has changed our minds. If we are to have a future on this planet we need to regain a connection with it. We must ask what are the implications of bringing children into electrical frequencies that are alien to them?

With the loss of our natural faculties from being separated from natural frequencies, it even seems like we need electronic devices in order to communicate with each other. For example, separated from their babies, both physically and intuitively, many parents are now reliant on baby monitors to be sure they are there for their babies when needed.

There are reasons in the story of humanity why all this has come to pass. However, carrying on in this direction is simply not possible as a long-term strategy, partly because of the health implications but also because of the effects on our mental and emotional well-being.

Using the example of baby monitors, Lloyd Burrell of says “Baby monitors use “Dect” or digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication technology to transmit signals. This kind of pulsing radiation is also used by cordless telephones and has been shown to be more harmful than the kind given off by cell phones.
Powerwatch, a watchdog organization for radiation danger, says: “A Dect monitor placed in your baby’s bedroom will expose them to more pulsing microwave radiation than living near to a mobile phone mast would do. We have had a number of reports from parents that their babies did not sleep well and cried a lot when they used Dect monitors.”

Somehow, we need to minimise the use of electronic devices, protect ourselves from them and, in the longer term, recover our innate abilities.

Our capacity for tuning into our babies needs and desires is probably greater than we realise. When I was traveling in rural China in the 1980’s, parents still knew when their babies need to defecate and urinates. They did not need nappies. They knew exactly when to move them to somewhere where they could eliminate. This is just one example of innate parent-child communication that is possible.

In modern culture, we may find this hard to imagine.

We potentially have extraordinary intuitive powers. Personally, I think the deeper answers lie in understanding what has happened to the human neural system over millennia and how we can restore it fully. But that is the topic of another article and my book Food for `Consciousness (which is inspired by the research outlined in Return to the Brain of Eden by Tony Wright). In this article, I want to focus more on immediate measures we can take regarding human-made EMFs. We can take a step by step approach that will help keep us and our children in frequencies that are harmonious with nature and their own natures.

The information revolution that has had enormous benefits, but the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the devices we use, the EMF’s are alien to us. It’s wise to turn off Wi-Fi, computers, and phones at night, minimise mobile phone usage, refrain from using a cordless phone and keep babies and young children as far away from these devices as possible. If you have already had a smart meter installed you can request that it be disconnected or removed. In this interview, ‘Smart Meters” & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time’ Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt goes through the effects and implications of these devices.

Of course, unless we have found some remote spot to live, the chances are that some of our neighbours have smart meters installed. On top of the existing load we also have 5G fast on the way. You can read more about the dangers of 5H here:

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

I have to emphasise once again here that the only sustainable and happy future of humanity on this beautiful planet that makes sense to me is to immerse ourselves once more in the bioelectromagnetic aura of the Earth. Meanwhile, for most of us, there are immediate concerns about ameliorating the unavoidable effects of EMFs around us, mobile signals, Wi-Fi smart meters and so forth. I recommend installing a Geoclense device. I say install, they are just plugged into any socket in the house. They then cause the entire electrical system to give out negative ions, which is what you have in nature. The Geoclense harmonises the unwelcome EMF’s to lessen the impact. After years of trying out various devices, I have found nothing that comes near to the effectiveness of the Geoclense. There are fittings for any country you may be in.

If you would like to find out more about these amazing devices you can listen to my interview with the inventor Gerard Bini, here:

You can obtain a Geoclense here:

It a one-off lifetime purchase for the price way less than most of the devices that we need protection from. There are also options for a protective pendant, travel harmonizer and mobile phone harmonizer for when you are out and about.

An earthing sheet is also a one-off purchase which keeps you electrically connected to the Earth while you sleep. Earthing throws, plush pads and mouse mats can help when we are indoors during the day.

Of course, walking barefoot and otherwise electrically connecting with the Earth are ideal. Just thirty minutes a day can make a palpable difference. Paddling or swimming in the ocean is one of the most powerful earthing experiences we can have as salt water is such a great conductor.

Melatonin levels were already lower than ideal due to epigenetic changes to the endocrine system since leaving our natural habitat. Now with the onslaught of artificial EMF’s they are even lower. This affects our sleeping and waking patterns as well as our ability to feel empathy. Earthing and protective devices help counteract this. Melatonin levels are reduced by screen time and increased through close proximity between parents and children.

Touching briefly on nutrition, to feel at our best, we all need to get back to as near to our natural biological diet as we practically can. We and our children need a full range of minerals and vitamins plus undamaged essential amino acids, fatty acids and fruit and vegetable compounds in order for our neural systems function as best they can. Undamaged includes undamaged by heat. We need to include foods such as raw fruit, vegetables, soaked seeds and cold pressed oils. Living foods are aligned with that fractal patterning I was talking about. There are many delicious ways to do this.

In the mental arena, we would be well-advised to fill our imaginations with beauty and desirable outcomes, giving attention to our connection to the source of our lives. We need our minds to be positively focused towards the direction of where we would like to go. Humans are designed to be teleological, in other words, goal orientated. Children, even babies are noticeably happier when the adults are focused in this way rather than being constantly centred on the children.

In her wonderful book, The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff talks about this. For two and a half years, Jean lived amongst the Yequana people of Venezuela. One of her observations was how their childrearing contributed to their happy lifestyle. She describes how they kept their babies close to them whilst being focused on their other tasks. She also described other aspects of their child-rearing such as attitude to natural dangers and positive expectations.

I have described having a baby as an anthropologist’s dream. It is an opportunity even deeper than encountering uncontacted tribes. A child arrives with us mentally unconditioned to a large degree. Our baby gives us a chance to explore our true nature with a human who comes to us unconditioned by culture.

In the times we live in we need this more than ever.


Gerard Bini interview:

Smart Meters” & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time’ Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt



Lloyd Burrell:

Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised

Radiation from Baby Monitors – Would You Blow Smoke In Your Babies Face?

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff

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Food for Consciousness by Holly Paige

Food for Consciousness Book ~ signed copy

Geoclense devices


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